Saled delivers over 8600 lightsources for municipality Huizen

In the coming months the municipality Huizen is going to replace over 8600 conventional public lighting lightsources for energy efficient and durable LED lighting from Saled. Installer Pilkes starts at the end of October with the replacement of the lightsources in the existing fixtures. The project is expected to be finished at the end of January 2016.

It is expected that the replacement of the conventional public lighting will result in a energy savings of over 60%. Because LED lasts three times longer than the conventional lighting also replacement costs are saved. The dubble savings results in a expected return of investment within 3 years. At the end of October installer Pilkes Infra will start with the replacement of the 8642 lightsources. The completion of the project is expected to be on 31 January 2016.

Previously, Saled delivered durable LED lighting to the municipalities Oss, Zwolle and Nijkerk. Saled’s retrofit solution, with which the existing fixtures are maintained, means that (local) governments can meet the Dutch energy agreement with a relatively small investment. The Saled PS-L (Basic/HP), BS-S (Basic/HP), PS-T, PS-L Wide and LS-S are recently protected by design right and a pending patent.

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