New construction Paas Food Industries NV fully equipped with Saled LED lighting

Saled recently equipped the new buildings of Paas Food Industries NV with LED lighting. The existing buildings were previously fitted with Saled LED lighting, resulting in 60% energy savings. The Belgian production company decided to choose Saled again for the lighting of the new production halls, cooling cells, storage rooms and utility rooms.

In 2014 Saled switched the lighting in the existing buildings to LED, whilst maintaining the existing fixtures. The conventional 58 watt fluorescent tubes were replaced by durable and energy efficient 24 watt LED tubes. Besides reducing the energy costs, maintenance costs will be substantially lowered. By replacing the old fixtures in the canteen by 36 watt LED panel lights the energy consumption is reduced by 60%

New construction
Because of the positive experience of the past year Paas Food contacted Saled again for the lighting of the new production, cooling and storage facilities. Based on the lighting plans for each space the best LED solution was chosen. Important principles were industrial safety, hygiene, energy policy and as low as possible maintenance costs. The production halls were fitted with IP65 fixtures and 24 watt LED tubes, providing fresh light on the workbenches and HACCP-approval. The cooling cells and storage rooms are now lighted by 100 watt LED floodlights.

Extra savings
All areas in the new buildings are fitted with sensors, making sure no unnecessary lighting is used. This results in even higher energy savings. Moreover, the exterior lighting is switched to Saled LED 50 watt floodlights, making sure the building is clearly visible at night

Good cooperation
Because of the good communication and cooperation changes in the construction plans were solved fast and accurately, making sure the project was finished without any problems. Saled is proud to see that the clients are satisfied and that they show this by choosing Saled again as partner in sustainability.

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