Bruna Spakenburg completely switched to Saled LED lighting

In the past weeks Saled fully fitted the Bruna location in Spakenburg with energy efficient LED lighting. The light output was significantly improved, whilst greatly reducing energy consumption and CO2 emission. The total of 157 LED lamps will be earned back within 21 months.

In cooperation with electrotechnical company Breedveld & Schroder Saled started in November with the replacement of the old PL-C, PL-T and fluorescent tubes. These were replaced by 157 new LED tubes, LED downlighters and LED PS-T’s. Combined these lamps will reduce the energy consumption with over 65%, resulting in an annual energy saving of €3.500,-

Despite the substantial savings on energy consumption the light output has increased with 105 lux, illuminating the store brightly and evenly. This is confirmed by regular customers initial responses. Besides saving on energy and improving the lighting Bruna Spakenburg contributes to saving the environment, because the CO2 emission is reduced with 7.077 kg a year.

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