Ramaer Printed Circuits chooses for Saled LED Panel Lights

After an extended testing period, Ramaer Printed Circuits chose for Saled LED panel lights. Over 500 conventional fixtures were replaced by the durable, energy efficient panel lights. With this, Ramaer, a producer of printed circuit boards, improved the light yield during the manufacturing process. Besides this, the energy costs were reduced by more than 50%.

Robert Hoogenboom, Manager Technology & Operations at Ramaer says: “Light has a great influence on the detailed production work we do. From our staff there was a need for an improved light output.” Because Ramaer requested a specific colour temperature, several parties were contacted. “After talking with multiple suppliers, Saled appeared to be the best choice for us. We had a great cooperation from the start.”

Because of the extensive possibilities in terms of light output and color temperature there has been extensive testing with different LED lights. Hogenboom: “We closely involved our production staff in the process. The 40 watt LED panel lights with a 6000K color temperature turned out to be the best choice.” In the past period all production spaces were converted to LED in 4 phases. The total energy savings exceed 50%.

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