Apartment buildings in Rotterdam fitted with LED porch fixtures

In collaboration with Elektro Groeneweg and several housing associations, more than 1100 porch fixtures have been replaced by new LED porch fixtures of Saled in the last months. Multiple Rotterdam apartment buildings have been equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting, but the end is not yet in sight.

In October 2015, Elektro Groeneweg started with the conversion of multiple apartment buildings to LED, located on De Benthuizerstraat, Jalonstraat, De Kolk, Oranjeboomstraat, Koestraat, Vinkenlust en Bellevoystraat. In late January the last conventional light sources have been replaced by Saled’s SMD 6W porch fixtures.

Dimming sensor
The supplied LED porch fixtures by Saled have a movement sensor. The porch light uses 30% of it’s power when it’s in standby mode. Upon movement in the direct environment, the luminaire switches to 100% for a preset time, after which the luminaire dims back to 30%. As a result, the savings of course increase.

80% energy savings
In total, the energy savings are as high as 80%. To express this in kWh: 62.462 kWh per year. It is expected that the investment is earned back within three years. In short, the housing associations make both a sustainable and financially wise investment.


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