GVVV ’s new multifunctional LED scoreboard installed

GVVV is the next soccer club choosing for a Saled LED scoreboard. This Friday, the new digital LED board is placed at the accommodation of the Veenendaal based club.

With the new LED scoreboard, the club can offer their sponsors new, advanced advertising possibilities. This ranges from animated graphics to (temporary) offers and even full promotional videos. Besides the advertising possibilities, it is also possible to show line-ups, substitutions, cards and goals creatively. An enthusiastic team of volunteers has already started with the designs.

The Saled team is proud of the fact that after Quick Boys, FC Dordrecht, SC Genemuiden and IJsselmeervogels another reputed soccer club chooses for a Saled LED Scoreboard. It definitely confirms that our LED solutions have the right appearance and that clubs do a wise investment.

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