Primary schools in Hoogeveen invest in durable LED lighting

Three primary schools in Hoogeveen have switched to durable LED lighting of Saled. It concerns the Juliana van Stolberg school, Het Palet and the Regenboog school. The new energy efficient LED lamps not only save 65% on energy costs compared to the old lighting, but also have a positive effect on the concentration ability of the students.

Students’ health
More and more schools and educational institutions make the choice to switch to LED. In addition to the enormous energy savings compared to conventional lighting, LED has the specific advantage that it barely flickers. In this way LED contributes scientifically proven to an increased concentration span and reduced fatigue. Because there are almost no vibrations in the light, this has a soothing effect and it benefits the concentration of the students. This ensures that the students are fitter, which significantly improves learning performances. The healthier light perception of LED was also for the schools in Hoogeveen an important argument to replace the existing lighting.

May holidays
The replacement of the conventional lamps was carried out by Saled LED lighting. In order to prevent students and staff from interfering with the work, the complete replacement was carried out during the May holidays. Divided over the three schools, a total of more than 400 LED light sources are placed.

The Juliana van Stolberg school, Het Palet and the Regenboog school all contribute significantly to a better environment as a result of the conversion. Together, the schools reduce CO2 and sulfur emissions by respectively 21.539 kg and 16.174 gr. The energy bill will also be greatly saved. Relative to the old lighting, 37.735 kWh is saved per year, which represents a total annual saving of over €6.500. An amount that the schools can spend well for other purposes.

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