XA Document Solutions in Amersfoort invests in sustainability with LED lighting

XA Document Solutions in Amersfoort has again taken a great step towards a more sustainable future. After investing in electric cars and solar panels, the entire company building has been fitted with durable LED lighting. As a result, the specialist in document solutions will save more than 65% on energy costs.

XA Document Solutions attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility. The company aims to be in the middle of society and strives to add value to its customers in a sustainable manner. The old energy guzzling lighting was no longer in line with this ambition. Therefore the company contacted Saled to make the entire building sustainable.

Indoor lighting
At the beginning of April, both the inside and outside of the building were entirely fitted with energy efficient LED lighting. The conventional lighting no longer yielded the desired light output in several different rooms. With a view to durability, the company therefore decided to replace all traditional lighting by LED. Amongst other areas, the offices, conference room, toilets, warehouse and the showroom were fitted with energy efficient lighting.

Outdoor lighting
The lighting at the outside of the building also underwent a metamorphosis. For a long time, the building was not illuminated at night. As a consequence, the exposure along the busy Amersfoort Rondweg Noord was not fully taken advantage of. As a solution, 26 new LED downlighters were placed, greatly highlighting the building at night.

Sustainable enterprise
Besides the increased light output and enhanced appearance, the investment in LED lighting also contributes to corporate social responsibility. In addition to the energy savings of 65% with respect to conventional lighting, the CO2 and sulfur emission are greatly reduced. A major step towards a durable future after the previous investments in electric cars and solar panels.

Saled thanks XA Document Solutions for the collaboration and wishes them much pleasure with the new lighting!

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