Saled launches international collaboration with Smiths Medical

Saled is on the eve of a major international collaboration with Smiths Medical, worldwide leading manufacturer of medical devices. After months of intensive preparations, the official starting signal for replacing all conventional lighting by durable LED lighting was given in June.

In mid-2016, Saled received the message that Smiths Medical was investigating the replacement of all lighting across its European sites with efficient LED lighting. From its head office in Londen, Saled was approached for technical and commercial expertise. An opportunity that was immediately valued by sales director Stef de Graaf: “That a leading company like Smiths found Saled in their search for a suitable partner is a nice compliment. A sign that Saled’s success has not gone unnoticed in Europe. We immediately started to work on a good proposal.”

In order to identify the supplier that will provide the best overall value to Smiths Medical, the producer and distributor of medical devices set a number of clear selection criteria. In the first place, Smiths aims to reduce the energy consumption by as much as possible. In addition, the company wants to improve the light output at each of it’s locations and wants to achieve a measurable reduction in CO² emissions. Finally, the investment must be earned back within 3 years. With these requirements in mind, De Graaf submitted an official proposal to the management of Smiths Medical.

De Graaf: “With the information we received from Smiths Medical, we have been working accurately for each location in Europe to provide custom LED lighting solutions. We have made calculations for supplying only as well as including installation by our own installation teams. Quite soon we were told that they wanted us to carry out the complete project and that they see Saled as an excellent partner in sustainability.”

In conjunction with Smiths, a planning was made to start with the locations in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.. In the meantime all locations have been visited on site by a team of Saled to prepare everything to perfection. On Monday the 12th of June, a team of Saled will start in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) with the replacement of more than 2.000 conventional lamps. Next, the locations in Fraureuth (Germany) and Latina (Italy) will be converted to LED. In a later stage, Smiths’ locations in the Czech Republic and England will switch to durable lighting.

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