LED lighting from Saled for Chance Children’s clothing

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Chance Children’s clothing was closed at the beginning of 2021 due to the covid measures; a good time to remodel the store. During the renovation, Saled was able to place new lighting in the clothing store in Spakenburg. During installation, great care was taken to present the clothes racks to the customer in the right light.

Chance opted for the LED track spots. With these spots, the different clothes racks are perfectly emphasized by the light. Railspots can be aimed at specific products, accentuating certain important details and showing them better. In this way, you attract extra attention from the customer.

The benefits of shop lighting

In addition to accentuating products correctly, the lighting also determines the atmosphere in a store. Another additional advantage is that the store will save enormously on energy bills. LED lamps quickly provide a saving of 65%. In addition, it contributes to a better environment because CO2 and sulfur emissions are significantly reduced.

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