AVROTROS chooses for Saled LED lighting

The AVROTROS building has recently been sustainably lit with LED lighting from Saled. The lighting in all office spaces has been replaced by LED. This results in enormous savings. In addition, sustainability is an important item for the Dutch public broadcaster.

All office spaces, meeting rooms, and editorial rooms are now equipped with LED lighting. In total, 943 T5 LED tubes in different wattages have been installed. In addition, the lighting has been made DALI dimmable. Home installer Horsttechniek has worked with Saled before and was very satisfied. That is why the installer consulted us again this time.

Peter van der Horst, owner of Horsttechniek says: “Many thanks for the progress of the project. The work was done very neatly and the nuisance for the staff was very limited.”

Huge savings for the office building of AVROTROS

By replacing the old lighting with LED, AVROTROS will save a lot of money. They will save more than 81,000 kWh on energy bills annually. This means that LED lighting pays for itself within 4 years. The emissions of CO2 and sulfur are also reduced by 46,000 kg and 35,000 gr respectively. In this way, the company contributes to a better environment. Additional savings are also made because the lighting has been made DALI dimmable. This means that the lighting automatically dims when, for example, a lot of sunlight shines in and then switches on automatically when it gets dark again. As a result, the lamps consume up to 20 times less energy.

LED has a positive effect on employees

In addition to the high savings, LED has other advantages. It also has a positive effect on employees. Conventional lighting has a flicker, which cannot be seen with the eye but does have a negative effect. People get tired faster as a result. LED from Saled comes with a “flicker-free driver” and this has a positive effect on concentration. Employees go home, less tired at the end of their working day.

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