Another VvE switched to sustainable LED lighting from Saled: Zwaard in Bunschoten

Many owners’ associations (VvE) find their way to Saled for new lighting in and around the apartment complex. LED brings many advantages for an HOA. It provides high energy savings, reduces the emission of harmful substances, and creates a higher feeling of safety for the residents. This also applies to VvE Zwaard in Bunschoten.

VvE Zwaard had already installed LED lighting from Saled in section B. This lighting went so well that section A is now also equipped with LED lamps. The new lighting is located in the stairwell, gallery, and outside. The escape routes are now also safely lit by emergency lighting.

High energy savings through LED lighting for Home Owners’ Associations

By switching to LED lighting, the association will save a lot. Annually, it provides the VvE with 78% energy savings. In addition, the emissions of CO2 and sulfur are reduced by 2500 kilograms and 1800 grams respectively. LED lighting often seems like an expensive investment, but on the other hand, it always pays for itself very quickly. For VvE Zwaard A, this applies within 4 years. This investment is therefore definitely worth it if you look at the number of burning hours. LED lasts an average of 50,000 burning hours whereas conventional lamps only have 15,000 to 20,000 burning hours.

LED provides a higher feeling of safety among residents

As mentioned before, LED lighting has many advantages. In addition to saving energy and reducing harmful substances, LED also provides a higher feeling of safety when the communal areas, such as the gallery and the stairwell, are well lit. Especially now that it gets dark earlier in the evening, it is important for residents that there is sufficient light at their front door and in the stairwell. Also, the escape routes, which are of course extra important in an apartment complex, are now clearly indicated.

LED lighting for your VvE?

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