5,000 LED lamps for the Heijmans Rosmalen head office

led lamps

Over the past few weeks, we have been able to work on a beautiful project. Two buildings; one of nine floors and one of five and a parking garage. We are talking about the Heijmans head office in Rosmalen.

Saled has a framework agreement with Heijmans, which is how the assignment for the head office came about replacing the current lighting in the head office and the parking garage in Rosmalen with high-quality LED lighting.

Energy-efficient headquarters by Retrofit

Of the 5,000 lamps, the majority were part of our retrofit method. This means that we convert the current fixtures in such a way that they are suitable for LED lighting. Thanks to the retrofit solutions, Heijmans saves on the purchase of completely new luminaires and their installation, because the luminaires were still in good condition. This also makes it extremely sustainable: with retrofit, we prevent capital destruction. For retrofit, think of LED replacements for the conventional Tubes (TL tubes) and PL lamps.

In addition, energy-efficient Downlights, Ceiling Lamps, and Panel Lights were installed by the Saled electricians. The LED lamps provide 256,705 kWh savings per year and 145,296 kg less CO² emissions.

led lamps

Heijmans is a Dutch-listed construction company that realizes projects for companies and governments. It all started in 1923 when Jan Heijmans started working as a road worker at the age of twenty. The Heijmans family business has grown in recent years into a road builder, and developer of residential, retail, and business areas. “In all that time, making has never disappeared from our DNA.” – says Heijmans. Conceiving, advising, developing, designing: that is Heijmans.

LED replacement for any PL lamp

Did you know that the production of the conventional PL lamp stopped on February 24, 2023? Saled has an LED solution for every PL lamp. As mentioned earlier, retrofitting is a good alternative and an affordable method that ensures optimal savings. You will mainly see PL lamps in places where the light has to burn for a long time, such as along the road, in residential areas, in shopping centers, and on bicycle and pedestrian paths. In addition, they are also often used in shops and offices. Heijmans arrived on time and replaced its conventional TL with LED PL in the office spaces.

led lamps
led lamps

LED lamps in parking garages

In most parking garages, sufficient light is required during the day, in the evening, and at night. Due to the many burning hours, the energy consumption is high. When conventional lighting is still used, the energy costs rise considerably. Heijmans opted for the sustainable LED solutions from Saled, which means they can now make substantial savings on energy costs. Extra savings are also made because IP65 luminaires with motion sensors, motion dim back function, and emergency units were installed in the Heijmans parking garage.

led lamps

How your office can save

Saled has an LED replacement for all conventional office lighting. Our lighting is not only very economical but also has a long lifespan. In addition to energy costs, you also save on replacement costs. Wondering which LED solution is best for your building? Contact us without obligation for advice.

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