Also SV Spakenburg chooses for a LED Scoreboard of Saled

Once again Saled has provided a renowned football club with a LED scoreboard. At the end of October, a brand new P10 LED screen has been installed at third-division side SV Spakenburg. At the official debut on Saturday, October 28, the scoreboard could immediately be tested well: the home match against Magreb ’90 was won by 6-1.

The new screen has a wide-screen format of 3.84 by 2.88 meters and is equipped with P10 SMD LED. The SMD pixel spacing of only 10 mm ensures a very high resolution. The scoreboard can thus display sharp images to a wide viewing distance. Around the entire main field on the ‘blue side’ of sports park De Westmaat, the screen is well legible.   

The crisp quality offers SV Spakenburg the opportunity to continuously show new ads to the public during matches. In this way sponsors can show their advertising messages in a striking way to a broad audience. The investment in a Saled LED screen is usually quickly recouped for this reason. Besides the great advertising capabilities, the screen can also display line ups, scores, cards, substitutions and goals in an interactive manner. 

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