Saled fits third location of Stam car repair company with LED lighting

At the beginning of October, the Schadex car repair company in Amersfoort is entirely fitted with energy-efficient Saled LED lighting. Due to the investment, Schadex Amersfoort will save 67% on energy consumption. Earlier this year, the premises of Stam car repair in Maarssen and Soest were also fitted with durable LED lighting.

Stam car repair has a total of four car repair companies operating under the brand names Schadex and Schadenet. The branches of Schadex Maarssen and Autoschadenet Soest were already provided by Saled with energy-efficient LED lighting earlier this year. The very positive results and reactions made the management decide to give also a ‘green sign’ for the location in Amersfoort. In the meantime, the last conventional lamp in the property has been replaced by Saled.

The energy consumption in Schadex’ old situation was about 67.881 kWh per year. With the new LED lighting, the annual consumption has reduced to only 22.429 kWh. A saving of almost 67%. The new lamps also significantly reduce emissions of CO2 and sulfur; the environment is saved thanks to a CO2 and sulfur reduction of respectively 25.732 kg and 19.321 gr. Based on the average burning hours, the investment is expected to be fully recouped within only 2.3 years.

Workshop and spraying booth
In the building at the Gemini 1 in Amersfoort, a total of 370 LED tubes have been replaced as replacement for the conventional fluorescent tubes. A large part of the 18 and 22 watt LED tubes has been placed in the workshop and spraying booth. The existing fixtures could be maintained. Furthermore, 10 brand new IP67 LED ‘plates’ are installed in the workshop and the old escape route lighting has been replaced by new LED emergency lighting.

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