Hoffland B.V. in Den Dolder entirely fitted with Saled LED lighting

In September Saled has replaced all conventional lighting of Hoffland B.V., located in Den Dolder, by LED lighting. Both the office, the workshop and the outside area of the company, specialized in demolition and metal recycling, are provided with durable LED solutions.

Hoffland is a progressive and reputable company, that is engaged in performing industrial demolition works as well as trading and processing of scrap (metal recycling). A large part of these activities are carried out at the establishment in Den Dolder. Because the lighting in Den Dolder was in need of replacement in many places, and was also responsible for a high energy consumption, Hoffland decided to replace all conventional lighting by durable Saled LED lighting.

Entire company
Divided over the office building, the workshop and the outside area, more than 160 new LED lamps are placed by an installation team of Saled. Due to the total conversion, Hoffland is going to save 23.970 kWh per year. Compared with the old lighting, this means an energy saving of over 65%. Moreover, the environment is also saved by a CO2 reduction of 17.426 kg per year. The total investment is expected to be recouped within only 2.7 years.

Storage hall
Especially in the immense storage hall the lighting was in many places in direct need of replacement. A total of 60 old trog fixtures with a double 58 watt fluorescent tube are replaced by new 55 watt IP65 LED fixtures. Despite the reduced energy consumption, the light output in the storage hall has strongly increased. The number of lux on the floor was a major concern for Hoffland, given the strict working conditions legislation in this area.

Outdoor area
Outdoor lighting also has high priority at Hoffland. The correct lighting ensures that one can also work in good lighting conditions in the darker period of the year. In addition, a well-lit area contributes to a reduced chance of theft. Seven old flood lights with a power consumption of as much as 1000 watts are replaced by seven LED flood lights of only 230 watts. These lamps are optimally adjusted by Saled, so that the light is well distributed over the terrain.

Office building
The office building should, of course, not be left out and is fully equipped with energy-efficient lamps. In the offices, corridors and canteen, a large amount of LED tubes and LED panel lights are installed as replacement for the conventional fluorescent tubes. The toilets are provided of recessed spotlights and downlighters with a colour temperature of 3000K are installed in the conference room. To complete the project, the billboard at the front of the building is also equipped with new LED tubes to highlight the Hoffland logo also in the evening.

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