Saled and Agilitas start durable collaboration

Saled has recently started a sustainable collaboration with Agilitas, located in Bunschoten. Part of the collaboration is the new LED lighting in the entire building of the sports club and the LED screen mounted at the front of the building. Thanks to the collaboration, Agilitas will save on energy costs during the next years, whilst the screen offers opportunities to increase sponsorship revenue.

The basis for the collaboration lies in the contacts between chairman Hans Voorbach of Agilitas and Stef de Graaf, sales manager at Saled. Voorbach: “A big part of the lighting in our building was in need of replacement. Therefore we struck up a dialogue with Saled, partly because choosing for local businesses is very important to us.” One thing led to another. “Inventory revealed that we can earn back the investment in the lighting within 1,5 years, due to the savings on energy costs. We started talking more and we came up with the idea to also invest in a LED screen.” The screen, which is now mounted and clearly visible from the Bikkersweg, offers opportunities for the sharing of information and advertisements of sponsors.

Higher light output
A total of 662 old lamps are replaced by new LED light sources. This results in energy savings of more than 70%. Voorbach: “This was achieved without the loss of light output. In the contrary, the light output strongly improved. According to measurements, the lux value has increased from 310 to 460. And that is clearly visible.” Other figures: annually there is an energy saving of 75.855 kWh, and the emission of CO2 and sulfur decreased by respectively 40.826 kg and 30.656 gr. Great numbers that contribute to a better environment!

Saled as a sponsor
De Graaf: “In the context of the durable collaboration, we have directly committed ourself to Agilitas as a sponsor for 10 years.” Agilitas provides her facilities to employees of Saled for the same period. In this way, they can maintain their health and fitness. “Corporate social responsibility is one of our priorities. We therefore offer every sports club a sponsorship by Saled”, says Stef de Graaf.

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