Saled fits Stam Renault location in Soest with LED

At the beginning of June, the Renault location of the Stam-Group in Soest was fully fitted with LED lighting. More than 150 LED lamps contribute to a better lighted showroom and vastly reduce the energy consumption. This is the fifth location of the Stam Renault Group to be fitted with Saled LED lighting.

A brightly illuminated showroom is proven to contribute to better sales, most certainly in the automotive industry. The Stam Renault Group responds to this by converting another location to LED lighting from Saled. In the building at the Nieuwerhoekplein 1 in Soest over 600 traditional fluorescent tubes have been replaced by durable LED lightsources. High-quality 30 watt downlighters replaced the 60×60 cm fixtures with 4 fluorescent tubes and 360° adjustable downlighters were placed alongside the showroom windows.

Especially the adjustable downlighters will be used to highlight the cars. At night, this will provide a great view for passers-by. Besides the sales stimulating effect and the improved appearance, the new lighting also contributes to large savings on both energy costs and future replacement costs. With these savings, the investment will be earned back within 16 months.
Saled thanks Stam Renault yet again and wishes the Soest location a lot of succes with their sales.

Verbruik en lichtopbrengst:

Previous New
Annual energy consumption 61.580 kWh 16.385 kWh
Light Output 228 lux 340 lux

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