De Reclamemakers switched to Saled LED lighting

After a successful testing period, Saled has been asked to replace all conventional lighting in the building of De Reclamemakers in Utrecht. The entire conversion was done by one of Saled’s installation teams and finished by the end of June. The lighting in the building strongly improved, whilst decreasing the energy consumption.

Early in May, Saled replaced some conventional tubes by LED panel lights and LED tubes as a test. After seeing the quality and the light output, it was an easy decision for the management of De Reclamemakers and they asked Saled to replace nearly 400 conventional tubes.

The conversion to LED started in June. The conventional tubes have been replaced by 73 LED panel lights and 91 LED tubes. Together these brand new light sources will reduce the energy consumption by more than 50%. The CO2 emission has decreased by the same percentage. All offices, workplaces, printing and cutting rooms are now lighted durably.

Saled thanks De Reclamemakers for the pleasant collaboration.

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