14,957 kWh savings per year for Velten Mode Spakenburg

Velten Mode, a men’s fashion store in Spakenburg, started the year good right away. The store was renovated and that includes new lighting. Saled supplied and installed the new LED fixtures.

Jan, Bertina, and daughter Angela Velten run the clothing store together, which is located in the heart of Spakenburg. They decided it was time to improve things: a new ceiling, floor, and lighting. Saled shop lighting was chosen to properly illuminate the men’s clothing on the racks and racks. Velten Mode had already purchased several LED lamps over the years, these were moved from bottom to top in the store by the Saled technicians. The entire store is now equipped with LED lighting.

Saled at work during the renovation at Velten Mode Spakenburg.
The ceiling plates were first removed, after that our technicians could get to work removing the old, conventional lighting. These are recycled via Wecycle.

78% energy savings on the energy bill

After installation, the energy-saving could begin. With 78% savings, Velten Mode‘s energy bill will be much lower, meaning the owners will save more money than before. With a CO² emission of 8,466 kg and a sulfur emission of 6,357 gr, the payback period will be 2.5 years. An annual saving of 14,957 kWh per year is equivalent to saving 423 trees per year. Switching to LED lighting is a sustainable choice and a good investment in the future

The right shop lighting

To properly illuminate the racks and clothes racks, the most suitable LED fixtures for shop lighting are required. Our team of account managers set to work with the lighting plan and chose the best luminaires. Based on the measurement they have made, it was determined where the lighting should be placed.

The LED spots and LED Railspots from Saled are easy to rotate and therefore ideal for illuminating clothing racks. The Lizzy LED fixture is also a good choice for the menswear store. Every type of lampshade fits here, so you can determine the look and interior of the store yourself.

More stores choose LED

In Bunschoten-Spakenburg, several stores have already switched to LED lighting from Saled.

Are you also interested in sustainable lighting? Please contact one of our experienced account managers. We are happy to help you.

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