Municipality of Papendrecht chooses LED plate solutions for well-known Philips fixture

Sustainable Papendrecht in 2050: that is the municipality’s objective. To achieve this goal, the first, most important step is to save energy. That is why the municipality chose to replace the street lighting in various streets with LED. The sustainable LED plate solutions certainly contribute to this. This means that the municipality saves 40% energy annually compared to the old situation. An additional advantage: The new LED lamps fit seamlessly into the existing SGS253 and SGP352 Philips fixtures of the municipality.

The collaboration with the municipality started at the Trade Fair Public Space. Consultancy Bureau OVL was working on a replacement plan for the municipality of Papendrecht. The only thing missing was a supplier. The Saled account manager told the consultancy about the INDO LED panel solutions and they were immediately enthusiastic about this concept. When the municipality also agreed, Saled was allowed to supply these sustainable LED lamps.

Why does Papendrecht choose LED plate solutions?

The biggest advantage of the INDO plate solutions is that these LED lamps could be placed in the current Philips fixtures. This saves the municipality a lot of costs and the installation is very simple. An additional advantage is that the LED plate solutions have the Direct Drive Technology®. This technology is designed to improve the reliability and longevity of a plate solution by removing the most wear-sensitive part – the driver. The driver often needs to be replaced after a few years, while the plate solution itself can last much longer. Thanks to this patented technique, Saled can also offer a warranty period of 10 years.

Extra savings due to dimming regime

To save even more energy, the municipality of Papendrecht opted for a dimming regime. On top of the 40% saving, the municipality will save an additional 25%. This system dims the lighting at quieter times, such as at night. The municipality of Papendrecht has chosen to dim the lighting back to 60% between 23:00 and 06:00. These times and dimming percentages can be adjusted per issue.

Sustainable Papendrecht

The municipality of Papendrecht wants to grow into a sustainable society in the coming years. A society in which residents, municipal companies and organizations pay more attention to each other and their environment. The plan for Sustainable Papendrecht states: “We are doing our part to achieve the objectives of the climate agreement. We do not need to generate all the energy that we do not use sustainably. In this way we reduce CO2 emissions.”

Do you also want to save energy with LED plate solutions?

Our account managers are happy to prepare a tailor-made lighting plan without obligation. This way you can see how much energy can be saved in your municipality. We are happy to assist you!

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