Entire building of Aimvalley Hilversum lit with LED

Saled has gradually fitted the Aimvalley building with new lighting. First LED lighting
was installed in the building, then new escape and emergency lighting were installed,
and finally, the outside lighting was replaced.

Several outdoor lighting fixtures were bricked in. To be able to replace them with new LED fixtures they had to be custom made. Since this was a small number, it was decided to reuse the existing fixtures. The retrofit method is the perfect solution for this. We do this if the fixtures are still of very good quality, and can last for at least 20 years.

In addition to gallery lighting, the account managers gave the advice to choose the LED
fixture Fortuné, a lamp that can be attached in several ways. The during of this lamp is
100,000 burning hours. In addition, floodlights have been used. These large, clear lamps are
ideal for illuminating the facade of the Aimvalley building. Saled has also used outdoor ceiling
lights as facade lighting for the building.

Huge energy savings for Aimvalley

Switching to LED lighting is a sustainable decision because LED consumes considerably
less energy than conventional lighting. Because Aimvalley has taken this sustainable step,
the company will save substantially on its annual energy bill. With a CO2 reduction of 6,956
kilograms and a sulfur emission reduction of 5,223 grams, the payback time of the
investment is less than 3 years.

LED lighting has a positive effect on our body

It stimulates our brain and improves accuracy. Saled supplies LED with a flicker-free driver,
which means fewer stimuli. A bright light has a positive effect on concentration, which is very
nice in the workplace, for example. At the end of the day, you will feel a lot better!

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