Saled supplies 735 new SOX replacements to Hoogeveen Municipality

Saled has delivered more than 700 sustainable retrofit light sources to municipality Hoogeveen at the end of April. Partner Ziut is responsible for the replacement and installation, which has now been fully completed. The total number of Saled light sources in the municipality amounts with this new delivery to 1800.

A total of 735 light sources of the type PS-T with a colour temperature of 4000K and B22 fitting are supplied to Hoogeveen. These lamps consume only 15 watt. In the area of the Hoogeveen Municipality many relative young masts are still equipped with conventional SOX lamps. According to the municipality’s policies, these will be replaced wherever possible by sustainable alternatives, and the PS-T of Saled turned out to be the best option.

Installation completed
Installer Ziut started at the end of April with the replacement of the SOX 18 and SOX 26 watt light sources. Meanwhile, this large-scale conversion has been finished completely. From the moment the last lamp was placed, the expected payback time is four years. This is partly due to the annual savings of 39.748 kWh (converted 53%) on energy costs and the less frequent replacement requirement, as LED has a longer lifetime than conventional.

More than 1800 Saled light sources
The total number of Saled light sources in the municipality amounts with the new delivery to 1800, since 1200 retrofit lamps have already been delivered before. The high quality and low failure rate have made the decision-makers decide to choose again for Saled.

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