Denksportcentrum Apeldoorn installs Saled LED Panel lights

Saled delivered about sixty LED panel lights to Denksportcentrum Apeldoorn in early July. The installation of the new lighting is carried out in its entirety by volunteers of the ‘mind game centre’. By switching to LED, DSC Apeldoorn realizes an energy saving of more than 65%, and also the light image in the three rooms has greatly improved.

To be precise: 58 panel lights with a 3000K colour temperature were delivered to DSC Apeldoorn, where various games like bridge, chess, go and belote are played daily. Saled’s LED panel lights consume only 36 watt and are therefore much more energy efficient than the old fixtures consuming 92 watt (including ballast). Due to the long lifetime of LED, these lamps need to be replaced less often than conventional fluorescent tubes, which yields an extra saving on replacement costs.

Installation by volunteers
Volunteers of DSC Apeldoorn have taken care of removing the conventional fluorescent fixtures and installing the new LED fixtures in the system ceilings in the three rooms. In addition to a major saving on energy costs, this will also save on assembly costs, which will return the investment even faster.

High quality lighting
For DSC Apeldoorn, where also many meetings and courses take place, especially the light intensity on the tables was important. After an extensive comparative research, the LED panel lights of Saled came out as the best lighting solution. And that appeared to be no wrong choice, according to board member Huig van der Waal: “All rooms are finished in early July and we are very pleased with the light quality. The new light is free from vibrations and therefore our players will not be bothered by the light at all.”

Saled thanks Denksportcentrum Apeldoorn for their trust and wishes them much pleasure with the new lighting!


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