Saled and Reuser Technical Installations provide Omron Manufacturing of LED lighting

Saled – in cooperation with Reuser technical installations – provided Omron Manufacturing of the Netherlands B.V. last week of LED lighting. The entire canteen of the company is converted to durable lighting, as well as a chain of light art in the halls. The result: 60% energy savings, a flawless conversion and thus a satisfied customer. “The result is fantastic.”

Ron Vogelzang, Facility Officer of the company located in Den Bosch, about the choice for LED lighting: “At Omron we are each day working on the implementation of energy efficient and durable solutions. Sensors are placed in the canteen which take care that the room is only illuminated when there are people in the room.” Because of this, the lighting turns on and off frequently, which should be obviously unfavorable for the lifetime of the conventional lighting. “This gives an higher outage and thus more maintenance. The management wanted a solution without spilling the existing fixtures. Accordingly we ended up with Saled.

3000 kWh savings
Roderik Span was closely involved with the project on behalf of Saled. “After the first contact we did a test with multiple light sources in consultation with Omron’s in-house installer Reuser Technical Installations.” In the end the Saled PS-T 13 watt appeared to be the perfect replacement for the conventional PL-T 32 watt. Span explains: “By choosing for this type of light source, energy savings of more than 60% are realized. This means a total of over 3000 kWh each year. Also the CO2-emission and Sulphur emission are reduced by respectively 1700kg and 1275gr.”

Specific issue: light art
Besides the conversion of the canteen, Omron had another specific lighting issue for Saled. Vogelzang tells: “At the opening of the new building there has been placed lighting in the hallways which serves as light art.” Soon it turned out that theory and practice are two totally different things. “The VSA’s caused big problems. Due to several unknown reasons the percentage of outage was very high and because the VSA’s had to be mounted invisible this caused many inconvenience.” It was a thorn in the eye for the management that the lighting didn’t illuminate often enough.

‘A spectacular result’
The solution of Saled for the light art: LED tubes with an internal driver. Due to the internal driver, there is no VSA needed and thus is the problem a thing of the past. Facility Officer Vogelzang: “Saled presented this solution to us, but because of previous experiences it was a matter of ‘seeing before believing’. The test was satisfactory and therefore we replaced all 65 watt fluorescent tubes by 22 watt LED tubes. The result is spectacular and we can now show our light art without any fear for outage or problems to our guests.” A beautiful solution with great energy savings!

Saled thanks Omron and Reuser Technical Installations for the trust and wishes them much pleasure with the new lighting.


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