Municipality Dongen provides own buildings of Saled LED lighting

Municipality Dongen has made a big step forward to comply with the energy agreement 2020. Multiple buildings that belong to the Municipality Dongen for maintenance, management and budget are recently provided with LED lighting of Saled.   

Peter van Iersel, supervisor engineering of Municipality Dongen: “Since municipality Dongen is daily busy meeting the requirements of the energy agreement, we soon came to the application of LED lighting. The benefits are, among others, a reduced energy-use, a longer lifetime, fewer outage and thus fewer costs for replacement and installation.” Municipality Dongen and Saled quickly came in contact and made clear agreements about wishes, expectations and demands.

Extended testing period
Because LED lighting was new and unknown for Van Iersel, he asked for an extended testing period before he made decisions. The testing period was carried out in consultation with Saled and many aspects were analyzed. After more than a year of testing, both Van Iersel and Municipality Dongen were convinced and the lighting of Saled could be applied to several buildings. Van Iersel: “At certain locations the number of light points stayed equal, while at some locations the number of light points reduced without suffering of equality of lighting image. We were surprised by that!”

60% energy savings
LED lighting is step by step applied at multiple locations. Among others, it concerns the ‘environment street’ De Coolhof (all offices and working places), youth center De Poort and Town hall Dongen (administrations building), whilst in ‘s-Gravenmoer the youth center and municipal disposal site became energy efficient and durable. The total energy savings will end up at 60% compared to the current use.

Saled thanks Municipality Dongen for their trust and wises them every success with the new energy efficient and durable lighting!

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