Saled has developed three new LED plate solutions in collaboration with INDO

Saled recently added three new INDO LED plate solutions to the range. These plate solutions fit seamlessly into the existing MAK fixture from Lightronics and the Metronomis Cambridge and Iridium SGP from Philips. This way you can switch to LED lighting while the existing fixture is preserved.

Saled has already developed a plate solution for more than 100 existing fixtures. The switch to LED plate solutions contributes to a circular economy. And we’re not just talking about energy savings. Installation is quickly arranged and the INDO LED plate solutions require no maintenance. This also ensures a reduction of CO2 and sulfur emissions due to fewer trips for a maintenance technician.

Development of an LED plate solution

It is also possible that we do not yet have a plate solution for a certain luminaire, but a request will be made for it. In this scenario, we go through the following steps:

  • We use a sample to determine whether we can develop a new plate solution.
  • We then work this out at the factory.
  • The test period follows. During the test, we check the heat management for the intended lumen package and we check whether the plate solution actually fits the current fixture. It is also important to determine the attachment points in advance. In this way, Saled can offer the certainty that no problems will arise. As a result, a 10-year warranty can also be offered on the INDO plate solutions.
  • If this is all correct and approved, this product will receive a certificate and we will deliver it. Please note: we only develop a new plate solution if the numbers are sufficient. 

The advantages of an INDO LED plate solution

The INDO plate solutions have a unique LED lighting technology: Direct Drive®. This technology is designed to significantly improve the life of a plate solution by removing the most wear-sensitive component: the driver. This component often needs to be replaced after a few years, while the panel solution itself can last much longer: up to 230,000 burning hours.

An LED driver is a large component that gets very hot, between 30 and 40 degrees warmer than the ambient temperature. This often leads to drying out of the wet components causing the driver to fail. With our Direct Drive technology, these components are no longer present, which ensures more reliability and significantly longer life. Maintenance is practically a thing of the past!

Main features of the LED plate solutions:

  • 10-year warranty on the complete product
  • 250,000 burning hours at L80B50
  • Low inrush current
  • No maintenance
  • Quick and easy installation

Curious about the opportunities for your situation?

Or perhaps a personalized luminaire for your municipality? Please contact one of our account managers. We are happy to tell you more about our LED plate solutions.

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