Swimming pool Den Helder


The entire property of swimming pool Den Helder in Doesburg was fitted with energy efficient led lighting in June 2017. Thanks to the investment in led, the pool will save substantially on energy costs. Moreover, ‘Den Helder’ reduces the CO2 emissions significantly.

The old lamps in the building were real energy guzzlers. The new led lighting, on the other hand, is very energy efficient and also ensures a significant reduction in CO2 emission. Due to the reduced energy consumption, a considerable cost saving will be achieved. Furthermore, the lifetime of led lamps is much longer, which means that the lamps need to be replaced three times less in the future.

Taking a long-term view, the swimming pool also saves a lot on maintenance and replacement costs. No lamp was skipped during the conversion in the multifunctional swimming pool. Besides the lighting at the pool, also the changing rooms, the canteen, the office, the storage rooms, the engine room and the outdoor lighting are provided with led. To cross the t’s and dot the i’s, all emergency and escape route lighting was replaced by a safe led solution. Swimming pool Den Helder can look back on a successful sustainable project, which will certainly be enjoyed by all customers!

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