Rinos Genemuiden

Rinos, a specialized manufacturer of secondary entrance mats from Genemuiden, has made the switch to durable LED lighting. In June 2017, a Saled installation team worked hard to convert multiple production halls to LED.

Brand new flat LED High Bays now show off at the high ceilings. This saves Rinos more than 65% on energy consumption, while the light output has greatly improved. In the halls, 85W and 165W LED High Bay plates are placed by Saled’s installation team. The light output is thereby significantly improved in various places.

Stef de Graaf, Sales director of Saled:

“In several places, the light output has increased by more than 100 lux, for example in the paths between the frames, around the machines and in the storage rooms. In the ‘mixing chamber’ the light output even increased from 145 lux in the old situation to 500 lux in the new situation. Of course this will benefit Rinos’ production processes.”

For Rinos, the conversion to LED lighting means an energy saving of 102.244 kWh per year compared to the old lighting. A sustainable and financially sensible investment. In addition, the company, located at the Klaas Fuitestraat 12 in Genemuiden, reduces the annual CO2 and sulfur emissions by 58.063 kg and 43.596 gr. Besides the five-year product warranty, Saled will also provide full maintenance service to Rinos over the next five years. As a result, the company will no longer have to worry about their lighting in the coming years.

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