Fish Trade Heinen & Koelewijn

In April, Saled has provided Fish trader Heinen & Koelewijn in Bunschoten of professional LED lighting. From the archives and offices to the seven meters high fish hall: all rooms were fitted with a suitable durable light solution. As a result, the fish trader will save more than 65% on energy costs. A total of 113 LED light sources have been placed by an installation team of Saled. Together these light sources achieve an energy saving of more than 65% compared to the traditional lighting. Because the lighting in the building burns on average about 60 hours a week, the total investment will be recouped within already two years.

In the seven meter high fish hall, the existing 58w fluorescent tubes have been replaced by 25w LED tubes. Also the ‘fish cutting area’ and the archives were provided of energy efficient LED tubes. In the canteen, offices and dressing rooms LED panel Lights are placed as replacement for the existing 36 watt fluorescent tubes. Furthermore, LED downlighters were placed in the hallway and the toilets are fitted with LED ceiling lights. Finally, the entire building is also fitted with LED escape route lighting and, on the outside of the building, five SOX lamps were converted to LED PS-T lamps.

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