Indoor tennis courts Putten

The tennis players in the indoor tennis hall of P.L.T.C. de Vale Ouwe are no longer blinded by the lights. In early April, all conventional lamps are replaced by durable LED line lighting with a very low glare value. The excellent light output and uniformity of the new LED lighting contribute to ideal tennis circumstances in the indoor tennis hall.

A total of six light lines are installed in the tennis hall. The LED light lines have, with an UGR of <19, a very low glare value. The UGR-value (Unified Glare Rating) is a value that indicates the degree of uncomfortable glare. The lower the value, the less light pollution users will experience. This means that the tennissers can -even at high balls- look into the light without being dazzled. Also when a player stands directly under the light lines, the opponent will still see the ball. All six lines of light are composed of 24 fixtures of 60 watt. A total of 144 fixtures were thus mounted above the three indoor tennis courts. Consequently the total consumption amounts to 8.640 watt. The old lamps consumed (including ballast) together about 20.000 watt.

As a result De Vale Ouwe will save over 50% on energy costs. And that whilst the light output in the hall increased with 15%. Compared to the old fixtures, the new LED light sources also reduce the emissions of CO2 and sulfur. A nice result for the tennis club!

Treasurer Jan van Gessel:

“The new lighting is excellent. We are very satisfied!”

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