Hubun Soil nutrition chooses for Saled LED lighting

This week, Saled has provided all offices and dressing rooms of Hubun soil nutrition of durable LED lighting. Compared to the old lighting, the specialist in organic fertilizers saves now more than 60% on energy costs. The total investment is expected to be fully recouped within three years.

Hubun soil nutrition, located at the Groeneweg in Bunschoten, has besides their large product- and warehouses also a number of offices and dressing rooms. The lighting within this rooms was in great need of replacement and therefore they contacted Saled. After an inventory and light calculation, Saled advised the installation of LED Panel Lights in the offices and LED Downlighters in the hallways and dressing rooms. In addition to the clean appearance, the LED Panel Lights have the advantage to prevent dusty and dirty fins.

Recouped within three years
Last Monday, an installation team of Saled started with the conversion, which is expected to be finished on Saturday 29 October. From that moment on Hubun soil nutrition annually saves more than 11.450 kWh on energy costs, a difference of more than 60%. Thanks to the savings, the total investment will be fully recouped within three years.

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