Car company Stam Renault & Dacia Bussum entirely fitted with LED

In the beginning of February, Saled has fitted the entire branch of Stam Renault in Bussum with LED. The more than 200 LED lamps contribute towards a better illuminated showroom and substantially reduce the energy consumption. It is already the eight branch of Stam Renault which is illuminated fully sustainable by Saled.

A well illuminated showroom contributes proven to better sales, especially in the automotive industry. So knows Stam Renault, that found Saled for the eight time to provide professional LED lighting. In the building at the Prinses Beatrixplantsoen in Bussum are 216 traditional lighting sources replaced by LED light sources of Saled.

High quality LED lighting
At the occasions in the showroom, all fluorescent lighting is replaced by high quality LED tubes. As a result the light output improved significantly so that the occasions are now displayed way more attractive. Also in the ‘brush section’ the light output has improved by replacing all conventional T5 TL tubes. The cleaners can therefore perform their work better again. In the delivery room for new cars are besides fluorescent tubes also old PL-L lamps replaced by LED PS-L lamps of Saled. Finally also four street lighting fixtures with energy-guzzling SON lamps are replaced by new LED fixtures outside at the gas station.

Durable and eco-friendly
Besides the sales-enhancing effect and the nice appearance, the new lighting also contributes to a substantial saving on energy- and replacement costs, making the investment fully recouped within already 2 years. Moreover, Stam Renault makes a significant contribution to the environment due to a CO2-reduction of 19.157 kg per year and a sulphur reduction of 13.384 gr per year.

Consumption per year 49.358 kWh 15.512 kWh
Light output 172 lux 376 lux

Saled thanks Stam Renault again for their trust and wishes the branch in Bussum good luck with the sales.

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