Café ‘t Raedthuys in Bussum switches to Saled LED lighting

At the beginning of February, Saled has provided café ’t Raedthuys in Bussum entirely of durable LED lighting. The café, which is well-known in Bussum and surroundings, will save 70% on energy costs. The new LED lighting also ensures a pleasant atmosphere and brings a lot of warmth and coziness with it.

Lighting accounts for a large part of the atmosphere in a pub like ’t Raedthuys. It should therefore be a unity with the interior and is a contributing factor for the first impression of the guests. For this reason, Saled accurately analyzed which LED solution was most suitable for each light point in the café.

Illumination of the café
Several lamps from the wide Saled range are applied in the building located at the edge of the center in Bussum. A total of 60 LED lamps have been placed in the café to replace all traditional lighting. LED candle culbs are placed along the walls to create a cozy atmosphere. Above the bare are COB LED spotlights placed which are perfectly suited to illuminate the bar nicely. The beverages and glasses behind the bar are illuminated by LED bulbs. Furthermore, the kitchen and ‘stock room’ are provided with LED tubes. Finally there is also thought of the lighting at the outside of the building. Special RGB floodlights offer ’t Raedthuys the opportunity to lit the building in various colours.

Enormous energy savings
Due to the total conversion, café ’t Raedthuys will save 7.217 kWh each year. Compared to the old lighting this means an energy saving of more than 70%. Therefore the investment will be fully recouped within 15 months. Besides this, the environment will be saved by an annual CO2 reduction of 6.144 kg and sulphur reduction of 4.614 gr. In short, a beautiful result, where the Bussum’s café can be very proud of.

Saled thanks café ’t Raedthuys for the good collaboration and wishes them much pleasure with the new LED lighting.

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