Second branch car company Blokhuis fitted with Saled LED lighting

After the first branch of car company Blokhuis in Bunschoten was fully equipped with LED lighting at the end of 2016, in January it was the turn of the branch in Amersfoort. CEO Roelof Blokhuis says to be very satisfied about the new lighting and the working method of Saled. A nice follow-up to the durable collaboration between the two companies in Spakenburg.

Roelof Blokhuis wanted to make his buildings efficient and durable. Soon he came to Saled for replacing the conventional lighting through LED lighting. More than hundred LED lamps were installed in the branch in Bunschoten in November 2016 to illuminate the showroom. Roelof Blokhuis: “The LED lighting is to our great satisfaction, so we immediately decided to fit also our branch in Amersfoort with LED.”

Durable LED lighting
In January, engineers of Saled mounted 141 LED lamps in the building located at the Maanlander 12. As a result, Kia Blokhuis Amersfoort will save 22.616 kWh on the energy bill each year. Besides a saving on energy costs, there is also saved on replacement costs, making the investment in LED lighting recouped within 21 months. A nice bonus for Blokhuis is that the environment will be saved with no less than 12.799 kg CO2 emission and 9.611 gr sulphur emission each year.”

Improved light output
Despite the low energy consumption, the light output in the showroom has strongly improved: 380 lux at the floor, while it previously was 231 lux. Blokhuis: “The improved light output is very noticeable in the showroom. Our cars are illuminated way more beautiful by the new LED lighting.”

Beneficial for both parties
Both Blokhuis and Saled give high priority to corporate social responsibility. The key elements in this matter are energy savings and durability. For that reason, Kia Blokhuis Amersfoort delivered on her turn earlier two brand new Kia Niro’s to Saled. These brand new cars are not only environmentally friendly, but also very classy. The representatives of Saled will go on the road with a mobile visiting card.

Saled thanks car company Blokhuis again for their trust and wishes the branch in Amersfoort much pleasure with the new lighting.

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