A2 Tradepark along the A2 in Rosmalen provided with LED terrain lighting

LED terrain lighting

The conventional lighting of the A2 Tradepark site, a building owned by Van Deursen Group, was recently replaced by LED terrain lighting. The LED lighting provides a much better-illuminated area, you can see a clear difference with the other half of the area, which does not yet have LED.

Van Deursen Group has had part of the site on the Burgemeester Burgerslaan in Rosmalen converted to LED lighting by Saled. 32 luminaires at a height of six meters were replaced by INDO AIR 2 luminaires of 23 watts. The INDO AIR 2 has been developed by Saled together with partner INDO Lighting and is an ideal luminaire for public spaces. You can read more about our product here.

led terrain lighting

Better illuminated by LED

The INDO AIR 2 luminaire was also installed at the parking lot at the entrance of the building. There were a total of 6 masts. The street next to the business premises was also equipped with INDO AIR 2, but with 46 watts. In addition, the outer facade of the Van Deursen Group building is illuminated by 13 floodlights of 100 watts.

The company will save 5,400 kWh per year by switching to LED lighting.

led terrain lighting
Current conventional lighting on the right side of the car park
led terrain lighting
The new LED lighting on the left side of the parking lot

LED lighting for your terrain

Saled has suitable LED solutions for in and around your building. With a switch to LED lighting you save at least 50% energy compared to your current conventional lighting. Our LED lighting is certified and has a long lifespan. Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Contact us.

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