82% energy savings for housing corporation MeerWonen through smart LED lighting

energy savings

The housing complexes in the municipality of Oegstgeest and the municipality of Kaag en Braassem of housing corporation MeerWonen are equipped with sustainable, smart LED lighting from Saled.

MeerWonen housing corporation builds, rents out and maintains (social) rental properties. At four locations in the municipality of Oegstgeest and the municipality of Kaag en Braassem, we were allowed to replace the current lighting with our LED gallery lighting type Dinand and ceiling lamps. We supplied both products with a motion sensor and a dimming system. This means that the lighting only switches on at full strength if movement is detected and automatically dims back to 30% after 5 minutes of no movement.

energy savings
energy saving

LED lighting type Dinand in the bicycle shed at the Sotaweg location in Roelofarendsveen

Enormous energy savings through LED

By switching to LED lighting, Meerwonen will save an average of 82% energy annually across all locations where the new lighting is installed. The investment in the new lighting pays for itself in four years.

energy savings
First floor: old conventional lighting, ground floor: new LED lighting (type Dinand)

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