Timzo carpet factory chooses Saled LED lighting

After a succesful testing period with Saled LED lightsources, carpet factory Timzo chooses to convert the lighting in the entire storage hall to LED. At the beginning of April Saled will fit the hall with 165 watt plate High Bays. With this Timzo saves over 70% on energy consumption, whilst also increasing the light yield.

Stef de Graaf, Sales Director at Saled: “Typically, it is hard to realise energy savings above 60% in high storage halls without decreasing the light output. We have developed a unique solution for this in the form of our LED plate High Bays.” For each aisle the power consumption of nine HPI lamps is currently 3.825 watts. With only six 165 watt plate High Bays this is reduced to 990 watts. Achieving a saving of as much as 74%. “Moreover, the light output was increased from 100 lux on the floor to 175 lux on the floor. This resulted in much better lighted rackings.”

The test results were enough reason for Timzo to make the full switch to LED lighting. Besides the 24 new LED lamps from the testing period, the remaining conventional HPI lamps will also be replaced by the Saled plate High Bays. At the beginning of April a installation team of Saled will begin with the replacement of the remaining lamps. De Graaf: “Timzo will earn back the investment within two years, whilst also improving the light output. A durable and a financially sound investment.”

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