Tennis court ‘De Bicker’ very satisfied with new lighting

With the installment of 360 durable LED lamps, tennis court De Bicker is now illuminated durably. The energy consumption is reduced by 50%, whilst increasing the light output by 20%. Both the LED lamps and installation were provided by Saled. The Bicker is now assured of a well-lit tennis hall and an interesting reduction of the energy bill.

The lighting in the tennis hall was already in need of replacement for a while. More and more lamps failed, greatly impacting the lighting on the courts. The board therefore contacted Stef de Graaf, of one of De Bicker’s sponsors Saled. Based on a light calculation, Saled planned the replacement for the entire court lighting. With Saled’s retrofit solution the fixtures could be re-used, preventing unnecessary replacement. The fluorescent tubes were replaced by LED tubes, which save 50% in energy consumption compared to the conventional fluorescent tubes. The target for the illuminance on the court was 300 lux, which is generally sufficient for indoor sports.

Amazing result
Last week, one of Saled’s installation teams started the conversion. Due to the size and height of the hall this was a big operation. Saled’s technicians have already gained experience in installing LED lighting in sports halls in past projects, so the entire conversion was finished within two days. This was done without any inconvenience for the tennis players. The result is stunning, anyone who enters the hall directly notices the improved light output. Measurements show that the target was amply achieved: 410 lux on the floor. Despite the increased illumination there is no blinding effect, one of the disadvantages of bad quality lighting.

Satisfied customers
Jan Hop, Chairmain of the foundation ‘Tennis Court De Bicker’: “It looks really great, i want to thank Saled for the quick realisation!”. Tjitse Offringa, charmain of tennis club ‘De Eemslag’ agrees: “Beautiful lighting, no blinding, increased illumination and the same light perception as before.” The response fills Stef de Graaf with pride: “Altough we do various large projects across the country, it remains fantastic to contribute to the durability of our own hometown (Spakenburg). Being here weekly as a member of the club myself makes it extra special. During the completion of the project two other local entrepeneurs asked me to convert the lighting at their own businesses, the nicest compliment you can ever get.


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