Tennis center Groenekan durably illuminated by Saled

Saled has once again provided a tennis club with LED lighting. In mid-August, the installation of energy-efficient LED lamps in the tennis hall of triple Dutch national champion TC Groenekan was completed. As a result, the club will save more than 60% on energy costs.

After previously tennis club At Risk in Utrecht and P.L.T.C. de Vale Ouwe in Putten were provided with energy-efficient LED lighting, this time it was TC Groenekan’s turn. In the tennis center are 232 led tubes installed as replacement for the conventional fluorescent tubes. The 22w led tubes, with a colour temperature of 4000K, reduce the energy consumption by more than 60% compared to the old 58w fluorescent tubes that were previously used to illuminate the hall.

Very interesting
The conventional fluorescent tubes are replaced one-on-one by Saled, allowing the existing fixtures to be retained. Together the new led light sources are responsible for an energy saving of 41.621 kWh per year. The investment in led lighting is therefore financially very interesting. TC Groenekan will save about 5.000 euros a year, which means that the total investment will be already recouped within 23 months.

Excellent light output
The investment will not only financially benefit the club. The players of Groenekan also benefit from the new lighting. The two tennis courts were not well illuminated in various places due to the outdated lights. Thanks to the new Saled lamps, this problem is a thing of the past. The tennis hall is now excellent illuminated again.

Special about this project is that TC Groenekan does not have to ‘pre-finance’ the led lighting (including assembly) to be able to finance it. The club chose for a lease construction via Pieter Wahlen of LeaseMasters. The tennis club will repay the lease through the remaining amount of the energy and replacement savings. A nice addition is that TC Groenekan can amply pay the leasing and even saves a monthly amount.

Saled thanks Tennis center Groenekan for the pleasant collaboration and wishes them much pleasure of the new lighting!

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