Sports park SC Genemuiden now entirely LED illuminated

After the successful installation of a LED scoreboard in 2015, the entire sports park of football club SC Genemuiden is now converted to LED lighting. Volunteers of the club have converted all existing lighting in the canteen, kitchen, dressing rooms, halls and toilets to new LED lighting of Saled.

The installation by volunteers of SC Genemuiden started on the 20th of December. Still before the end of the year the complete installation was finished. Because the entire conversion has been carried out during the winter break, the members of SC Genemuiden were not inconvenienced by the work activities. All buildings on the sports park are now entirely durable LED illuminated.

More than 300 lamps
More than 300 lamps in total have been placed at the sports park. To be precise: it concerns 306 lamps, with various lamps out of the broad Saled-range. For each separate room is in consultation with the club carefully analyzed which lamps fit the best. For example LED tubes, LED downlights, LED recessed spotlights, LED ceiling lights and LED porchlights are placed. Therefore all buildings are now perfectly illuminated.

Substantial savings
Due to the entire conversion to LED lighting, SC Genemuiden will save more than 60% on energy costs. The football club goes back from a total wattage of 34.486 to just 10.838 watt. The light output has strongly improved compared to the conventional lighting. Previously the light output was 215 lux, while it is now 310 lux. Furthermore, the club reduces the CO2-emission and Sulphur emission with respectively 13.385 kg and 10.050 gr each year. The total investment is expected to be fully recouped within 26 months.

Before the start of the season 2015-2016 Saled already delivered a new LED scoreboard to the club playing in the Hoofdklasse B of the amateur football. The scoreboard is 4 meters wide by 3 meters high and has a P10 resolution. This means that the scoreboard is crystal clear visible from a viewing distance of 10 to 200 meter. Besides the score, one can show among others photos of players, yellow/red cards and live scores of other matches. Next to the score program also a complete advertising program has been included, which allows sponsors or advertisers to promote their company or products.

Saled thanks SC Genemuiden for the continuation of the pretty collaboration and wishes them much pleasure with the new LED lighting.

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