Sports hall Koudum switches to Saled LED lighting

At the request of the municipality Súdwest-Fryslân Saled fully fitted sports hall ‘De Sândobbe’ in Koudum with new energy efficient LED lighting. The total of 144 placed LED fixtures will save over 60% in energy consumption. Besides the substantial savings in energy consumption, costs and CO2 emission the light output has increased.

At the end of December an installation team of Saled replaced all the conventional fluorescent lighting with new 60 watt LED fixtures. This results in an energy saving of 4120 kWh and a return of investment within 3 years. Despite the energy savings the lumen output increased with over 40%. This completely changed the light perception. The sports hall is illuminated brightly and evenly. By choosing for LED, the municipality also contributes to the environment: the CO2 emission was lowered by over 60%.

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