Service Project: how we work at VVE Liendenhof & Leusdenhof Amsterdam


In addition to existing and new-build buildings with LED lighting, we are also there for you when it comes to service. We do this, for example, at VVE Liendenhof and Leusdenhof in Amsterdam. You can read how we work in this article.

At VVE Liendenhof and Leusdenhof in Amsterdam, we replace the old conventional lighting that broke through new LEDs a number of times a year. At this location that means the lighting of various apartment buildings in phases.

Well maintained VVEs

VVE manager Viridis, a professional management company in the Central Netherlands region, is the manager of VVE Liendenhof and Leusdenhof in Amsterdam, among others. For Viridis and so many other VVE managers, the maintenance and appearance of apartment complexes are very important. As a resident, you can make a notification yourself in the event of malfunctions and repair requests. This is important because the lighting must always work well, in the interest of residents, visitors, and passers-by.

After making a report, it ends up at Viridis. These are then passed on to us. In this way, the problems in and around the buildings are remedied as quickly as possible. The engineers locate the problem on location and resolve it on the spot.


LED lighting for VVEs

Many storage rooms, entrance halls, galleries, lift halls, porches, and stairwells are still equipped with old, conventional lighting. In addition to the fact that this lighting consumes a lot of energy, the light output is often not optimal. Saled, therefore, has an LED replacement for all conventional gallery lighting. View our available products here.


Warranty and service LED lighting

When placing and delivery of our LED lighting, we give a minimum of a three-year warranty. This differs per assignment. If something is wrong with the lamps, we will solve this on location or this will happen in our workshop if you send the lamps for repair.

Reduce energy bill

More and more VvEs have a towering energy bill. This is mainly due to current conventional lighting and high energy prices. The enormous energy saving (sometimes more than 70%), long service life and excellent light output that LED lighting entails, makes a switch interesting for almost every association of owners. In recent years, Saled has therefore been able to help 80 VvEs by reducing the energy bill. Consider replacing conventional gallery and porch lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting.

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