Second branch Broekhuizen Schoenen fitted with durable LED lighting

After the first branch of Broekhuizen Schoenen in Huizen was fully equipped with LED lighting in September 2016, this week it was the turn of the branch in Bunschoten. Compared to the old lighting Broekhuizen Shoes goes back 70% in energy consumption. A nice follow-up to the improvement of the sustainability of the shoe store chain.

CEO Romano Broekhuizen is aware about the importance of good lighting. “Lighting is one of the most important aspects within the design of our shoe store. This determines the atmosphere and we can influence buying behavior. The LED retail lighting of Saled ensures that our shoe collection is optimally highlighted and fits perfectly with our interior.” However, the best shopping experience is not the only advantage that LED entails. Compared to the old lighting Broekhuizen will save significantly on energy costs.

Durable LED lighting
Mechanics of Saled have mounted a total of 88 LED lamps in the building at the Spuiplein in Bunschoten. The old energy-guzzling railspots are replaced by energy efficient LED Railspots, ranging from 20 to 40 watt. Furthermore the shoe store is illuminated by a large amount of High Bays. By replacing the existing PL-T 42W lamps in this fixtures one-to-one for LED PS-T 18W lamps, the existing fixtures could be retained. Lastly, in the warehouse are also fifteen fluorescent tubes of 58 watt converted to LED tubes of only 22 watt to complete the full conversion to LED.

70% energy saving
The lighting in the shoe store of Broekhuizen has an average burning time of 55 hours a week. Based on the old lighting this meant an energy consumption of 20.248 kWh each year. The new LED lighting together consumes only 6.000 kWh each year, which represents an energy saving of over 70%. As a result Broekhuizen will annually save €2.300 on energy costs. Therefore the total investment will be fully recouped within 20 months. Besides classy and durable, the LED lighting is also eco-friendly. The CO2- and sulphur emissions are reduced by respectively 8000 kg and 6000 gr.

Saled thanks Broekhuizen Shoes again for their trust and wishes the team in Bunschoten good luck with the sales!

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