School community GSG Guido takes a second green step with LED lighting

School community GSG Guido will save extra on energy and maintenance costs in the coming years. The installation of economical LED lighting in two locations spares up to 65 percent in energy costs. Also the staff and the students benefit from the new lamps. The new LED light does not vibrate and is therefore much calmer, which is good for the concentration and the school performances.

For the second time, school community GSG Guido has taken a great green step. A year ago, the location at the Paladijnenweg in Amersfoort was already fitted with more than 1400 new led lamps. “Our engineers have placed more than 1100 sustainable light sources in builldings in Amersfoort and Arnhem”, says Stef de Graaf of Saled. “As a result, the school community will save more than 65 percent on energy costs, i.e. 20.000 euros per year. An amount that they can spend well for other purposes.”

Concentration and environment
Most of the lamps were replaced during the May holidays. Students and teachers therefore hardly suffered from the work activities. And the new school lighting even benefits them. De Graaf: “Led light is free of vibration. This works calming and fosters the concentration of the students. That is good for the school performances.” With the investment, the school community also contributes positively to a better environment. The emissions of CO2 and sulfur will be significantly reduced.

Special financing
The project is special for another reason, tells project director Arjan Bijman of, expert in renewable energy. “The new lamps cost about 60.000 euros; a lot of money for a school. Two investors in Amersfoort have been found willing to finance the project. Due to the enormous savings, GSG Guido can repay this within three years. And after that, the savings will continue.” Bijman now looks at whether the school can take a next step. “We would like to improve the ventilation in the classes. And make the school completely electric, so without gas connection. Therefore we are looking for investors who want to contribute to this social goal.”

At the location Paladijnenweg 253 in Amersfoort, 697 led light sources are placed. Divided over four floors, a large number of led tubes are installed to replace the conventional fluorescent tubes. In addition, led panel lights and led downlighters are placed. Also the conventional outdoor lighting in the form of SON lamps and porch fixtures was replaced by led. On average, the lighting in the school in Amersfoort burns about 52 hours a week. Consequently, the investment will be fully recouped within 2.5 years.

The location in Arnhem at the Grensweg 2 is provided with 411 new led light sources. For all traditional lamps, a suitable, durable light solution was placed by Saled. On average, the lighting in the school in Arnhem burns about 45 hours a week. The return period for the investment will therefore only be 2.8 years.

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