Salvation Army Eindhoven completely durable after replacement escape route lighting

In 2013, Saled replaced all fluorescent lighting for LED lighting at the building of the Salvation Army in Eindhoven. Now – about three years later – the complete investment is recouped.  For the Salvation Army reason to convert the last inefficient lamps in the building, all emergency lighting, to be fully durable illuminated.

Thursday, September 8, an installation team of Saled has replaced 38 escape route lighting containing a fluorescent tube by new LED escape route lighting. The savings being achieved are enormous: the LED variant consumes only 3 watts, while the conventional emergency lighting consumed 22 watts. This makes the entire building at the Doctor Cuyperslaan provided of energy efficient lighting, since in 2013 all fluorescent tubes became sustainable. Moreover, the investment at that time is completely recouped and is in excellent condition.

Durable collaboration
Over the years, Saled has been a committed partner for the Salvation Army. The aid organization highly values durability and chooses by each replacement of lighting for the quality and service of Saled. The Eindhoven-based building is only one of the many locations where Saled lamps illuminate the rooms. Soon, it will be the turn of the locations in Nijmegen and Rozendaal.

Saled is proud to provide the Salvation Army of durable and energy efficient lighting!      

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