Saled supplies more than 2300 LED lamps to the municipality of Barneveld

Last March, Saled supplied more than 2300 LED lamps to the municipality of Barneveld. In the past, the municipality has shown that it is strongly in favour of sustainability and previously called upon Saled for durable lighting solutions. Installer Ziut hopes to complete the work by the end of the summer.

During the conversion process mainly PS-L and PS-T lamps were used. These so-called Retrofit light sources are used to replace conventional lighting, such as PL-L, PL-T and SOX lamps. With the Retrofit method, a LED lamp can easily be installed in a conventional fixture by making a minor adjustment. By installing LED retrofit lighting, an energy saving of approximately 50% can be achieved. This decrease is caused by the lower energy consumption of the LED lamps. Reducing energy consumption also reduces emissions of waste products such as CO2 and sulphur.