Saled provides LED for parking garage VVE De Biezenkamp

In collaboration with Energie van Nu, Saled has provided parking garage VVE De Biezenkamp in Leusden with energy-efficient LED Tubes. Despite a considerable increase in light yield, the VVE saves substantially on energy costs. By re-using the existing fixtures, the investment is relatively small for the VVE and therefore earned back fast.


Mid-September 2015, Saled fitted two car parks of shopping centre De Hamershof, which is also located in Leusden, with LED lighting. Impressed by the results, Woningstichting Leusden, the administrator of the parking garage, also chose for the LED solution by Saled.

The total of 77 fluorescent tubes of 75 watt are now replaced by Saled 22 watt LED tubes, resulting in energy savings of almost 70%. Moreover, the light yield increased: previously there was measured 150 lux, which is now 210 lux. And that is noticeable to every motorist in the car park: the entire surface is now lit remarkably clear.

In addition to the LED tubes, Saled also replaced 20 defective emergency units. An installation team of Saled was able to complete the whole conversion within one day.

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