Saled places durable field lighting at tennis club At Risk

In collaboration with installation company Breedveld & Schröder, Saled has provided the courts of tennis club At Risk with sustainable LED lighting over the last days. This means that At Risk, located in Utrecht, is the first sports club to choose for the newest innovation of Saled: LED Fieldlights. These new light sources are extremely durable and have an outstanding light output. Therefore the new light sources are exceptionally suitable for sports fields.

For many sports clubs, the lighting is a significant out-going. For this reason, Saled has contributed to assure sustainability of lighting in several sports halls in recent years. More and more often requests came in if Saled could also deliver a solution for field lighting. These solutions were there, but currently failed to meet the high quality standards Saled is using. In recent months, Saled invested therefore a great deal of time in developing a new solution: LED Fieldlights.

Excellent light output
At Risk is the first club that chose for the durable solution of Saled. This week, Saled and Breedveld & Schröder installed the lighting at the ten tennis courts. Despite the low energy use (800 watts), the Fieldlights have an excellent light output: 315 lux at the court, while it was previously 210 lux. And that is noticeable on the fields of the tennis club: the reactions of the members were very enthusiastic at the night after the installation.


Durable and financially attractive
With respect to the old solution (HRI-TS 2000 Watt DI in combination with VSA), the LED Fieldlights consume 66% less energy: a substantial saving for At Risk. The solution of Saled is therefore financially very attractive. It is estimated that the total investment will be recouped completely within five years. As thanks for the trust and the choice for durability, Saled has commited to the club as a sponsor for five years and thus lay the foundation for a long-term relationship.


Special evening for other clubs
Because there is shown a lot of interest recently for the new LED Fieldlights of Saled,  an open evening will be organized soon for other clubs. During the evening you can experience the new Fieldlights. There is still room for a small number of clubs. Please contact if you want to attend.

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