Saled new licence holder Philips Lighting EnabLED program

As of December 2016, Saled is a member of the Philips Lighting EnabLED program. The program was set up by Philips Lighting to give companies access to the patented technologies of Philips Lighting. As a new license holder, Saled can now apply these LED technologies to her own products.

The EnabLED license program of Philips started in 2008 and includes over 200 inventions, which resulted in more than 1300 patents. Last October 2016, Philips announced to welcome their 700th license holder. With the program Philips Lighting stimulates -in its own words- innovation and growth in the LED market.

Through a special logo the license holders can prove that they are a member of the Philips Lighting EnabLED program. You can find our official EnabLED logo in the footer of our website.

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